Fishbit – The Smartphone Aquarium Monitor And Controller

Fishbit is a new smartphone aquarium monitor and controller, by current labs. It makes it easy to look after your fish and to make them stay healthy, even when you are not around. It takes a different approach to aquarium monitoring and controlling, by making a combination of the important sensors into a single module that rests in the aquarium. It is powered, and will communicate without any wires through the glass of aquarium.

Fishbit Aquarium Monitor

Fishbit was launched by the Kick-starter, a crowd funding website, and is looking to raise about $72,000, to make the next step into production. Already, they have made about $24,000 by 64 backers, and looks set to easily achieve their goal. This product was developed to user’s with simplest monitor and control of aquarium.

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Fishbit- The Smartphone Aquarium Monitor And Controller

The Fishbit app is an interface for everything, here are the features.

  • It helps you see how your tank is performing in real time, gives you alert, and turns equipment’s on or off.
  • Whether a reef guru, or you are new to the hobby, Fishbit helps you keep your fish happy, and corals thriving.
  • It is a two beautiful devices- a Monitor living inside your aquarium, and a Controller powering and automating your aquarium equipment.

The Fishbit devices connects to your home Wi-Fi, giving you the access to control your tank anywhere in the world. The Monitor continuously checks your tank water parameter–temperature, salinity and pH– and also the water level. Controller makes sure the equipment’s around your tank is working 24/7. With it, you can easily control and program your pumps, heaters, and dimmable LED’s.

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User interface and user experience are the real magic Fishbit is hoping to deliver. For assisting you fetch the better information out of the aquarium monitor and control, the company is giving more attention to the Fishbit smartphone app. Its smartphone application will communicate neatly, what is going on in the aquarium, it will also notice when parameters are drifting out of prescribed range. Lastly, it will alert users of problems before they arise.

Fishbit is one of the most exciting product coming from the tech sector. This is an approach that will make aquarium more appealing to aquarium keepers. [Kickstarter, Fishbit]